Spawsome Spawner

Spawn whatever object you want in your Unity games with this flexible and simple to use spawner.

It has several features for the ultimate flexibility and performance, like object pooling and several ways to spawn the objects.

If you're looking for a simple but powerful spawning system, then the Spawsome Spawner has everything you need!


  • Object Pooling: no unnecessary instantiating and destroying of objects. Just change the size of the object list, give each object a tag, add the object and determine the maximum amount of that object to be in the world at once.
  • Always Active: You have the option of the spawner always being active or if the player has to be in range for it to activate.
  • Random Object: Will the spawner iterate through the object list or will it spawn the objects randomly? Great for a procedural platformer.
  • Destroy Objects: Will the objects be removed once the player leaves the range of the spawner, or will they remain?
  • Persistent Objects: Will the spawner respawn the oldest object once the pool is full, or will it stop spawning that object? Once all objects are spawned, the spawner will stop spawning if this is checked.
  • Timer: the Min Timer and Max Timer allows you to set the random time when an object will spawn. Enter the same value for both timers to have a consistent spawn rate.
  • Range: determines the range that the spawner can detect the player. With Gizmos active and the spawner selected, you can see a blue wireframe for a visual representation of the range. Range does nothing if 'Always Active' is checked.
  • Spawn Offset: this determines where the objects spawn relative to the spawner.
  • Add: the spawner moves the position an object spawns at by this value on the X, Y and/or Z axis respectively after each object is spawned. If the player leaves the range of the spawner, the location starts near the spawn offset again.
  • Remember: if this is checked, the value from the respective Add variable is not reset when the player leaves the range of the spawner.
  • Randomness: these values give some randomness to the position of where an object spawns, allowing for some interesting effects to happen. The object spawns somewhere between all values relative to the spawn offset and Add values.
  • Random Rotation: makes an object spawn with a random rotation on the respective axis.
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